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Benefits of using Cloth Diapers (Reusable Diapers)

October 1, 2019


All the moms out there, I have got an important question for you. Are you having financial issues and these financial issues are increasing due to the cost of disposable diapers? Do you find it hard being an environmentalist in using those diapers? Are you looking to switch to cheap diapers? If your answer to all of those questions is Yes, then I have got a suggestion for you that can resolve all of these problems.

The solution that I want to suggest here is cloth diapers Or resusable diapers. I am aware that the idea of using cloth diapers can be a little daunting at first. So, let’s take a look in detail why you should be choosing cloth diapers instead of regular diapers.

What is a cloth diaper?


A cloth diaper or sometimes called, cloth nappy is a reusable diaper made up of natural fibres, man-made materials or with the combination of both of the said items. Some of the times, cloth diapers are made up of industrial cotton, and they can be bleached later. Some other materials which can be used in making cloth diapers are wool, unbleached hemp, and bamboo.

How to use cloth diapers?

You may have fallen in different kind of myths regarding cloth diapers but let me update you with a bit of reality regarding these diapers. A question that should be rising in your mind as of this moment is how to use cloth diapers? There are different types of cheap cloth diapers available in the market.

If you have purchased a cloth diaper which has Velcro closures, it is very much identical to disposable diapers when it comes to changing. You have to close the tabs before you throw in the diaper pail and the wash. This procedure ensures that tabs don’t get stuck to the diapers while changing.

I would like to add that mostly, the one-size diapers come with a snap-down rise. This means that there are snaps across the waistline on the top of the diaper. So, if your baby is newborn or has less weight or size than normal, you need to all the way snap down the diaper in front. It will make the diaper’s length short. Some of the diapers also have adjustable elastic that will make it very easy for you to change the diaper.

Benefits of using Cloth Diapers

  • While you are preparing for your baby, you also have to keep an eye on your budget and expenses. It is observed that almost every new couple along with impatiently waiting you’re their baby, worries about expenses and their budget as well. Many parents spend a lot of their money on disposable diapers.

    However; it should be noted that the cloth diapers are cheap diapers. Cheap cloth diapers are very relaxing in the pocket of young parents. You may think for a moment that these cheap cloth diapers are a little bit of old fashioned, but they give a relaxing impact on your pocket.

Research and studies have shown that by switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, you can save $660 to $810 for your first child till he/she is potty trained.

  • A point that many parents miss while using disposable diaper for their baby is how these companies make the diapers. Let me share brief details about the production of disposable diapers. These diapers have to main components, nonwoven fabric, and a pad.

    The pad is the center of the diaper, and this center part, the pad, is made by using synthetic chemicals. While the nonwoven fabric is not made by using any dangerous or harmful chemical but the point you should note here is that these companies join the two part of the diaper by using glue. For the parents who don’t want any chemical to be near the baby’s skin, using this type of chemical for most of the day is very harmful.

    So, to avoid all of this situation, it is better to get the best cloth diapers in the market as not only they are cheap diapers but also not that harmful for your child.
  • Let’s be realistic for a moment. Along with caring for your child, you’ll have to worry about the environment in which the baby will grow. We all know that our earth’s pollution is increasing day by day. In modern societies, the waste material like disposable diapers is disposed of in a landfill. Although there seem to be not a major issue with landfill.

    However; we should note that these landfills are covered up with dirt, and there is no moisture or air. This procedure causes methane gas to produce and harm our environment. Methane gas is one of the major gases which is hurting our ozone layer.

A study has shown that 27.4 billion disposable diapers were sent to landfills only in the US last year. Now you can do the calculations of methane produced by those diapers. So, switching to cloth diapers is the best and most sensible of all the options.

  • I have covered this part above but due to the seriousness of the situation; I would like to add it here again that if you are using the best cloth diaper, you are saving your baby from serious diseases caused by the chemicals found in disposable diapers.

    Studies have shown that the touching of the harmful chemical to the bottoms of babies can cause serious skin diseases.
  • You as a parent want your baby to learn basic things of life, and one of them is you want the baby to learn potty training. This training cannot be efficiently achieved if you are using a disposable diaper. A disposable diaper can dry out very quickly due to its working procedure, and that is a good thing for mothers who are busy in their work routine.

    However; this dryness causes the baby not to feel any displeasure and thus, can’t let the parents know about it. However; cloth diapers don’t dry out the baby, and it makes them uncomfortable, thus making it easier for the parents to train their baby quickly.
  • I would like you to note this point down as it is very important. When you are using disposable diapers, they aren’t changed very frequently because they dry out quickly. The skin of your baby is very sensitive, and the moisture caused by the disposable diaper reacts with the chemicals of the diaper, and thus, it results in rashes on baby’s skin.

    These rashes can go on to become a yeast infection if not taken care of very quickly. So, to avoid this situation, best cloth diapers should be used as they don’t create moisture or have the chemical that can result in rashes on baby’s skin.
  • By using cheap cloth diapers, not only you are saving your precious money, but you are also increasing the comfort level of your baby. Let me add some details to this point for you. You know that disposable diapers are airtight and have a weight that your baby can’t be comfortable in at all times.

    When you are using cloth diapers for your baby, you can’t replace the feel of a natural fabric on the skin with any other product. It is nature. Further; cloth diapers are very light and allow the baby to move in a calm and relax fashion due to its loose nature.
  • You’d love your baby to be attractive and fashionable, Right? But the disposable diapers don’t come in different colors or styles. However; the cloth diapers are available in different textures like polka dots, stripes, plaids, and bright colors. You surely would love to put your baby’s pictures on the internet in those best cloth diapers.
  • Not only cloth diapers help you in saving money. But they are very convenient as well. If your nearest superstore is closed and you run out of the diapers at midnight, you don’t have to worry at all if you are using cloth diapers.

    All you need is a washing machine and a dryer at home, and you can have a spare diaper at any moment! How convenient!


I am pretty sure that after reading the details and the benefits of cloth diapers, you would have reached a decision yet. If not, you still don’t have to worry at all. Let me conclude what we have learned until this moment.

Cloth diapers are diapers that are made up of natural fabric or sometimes mixed with human-made products. But either it is natural or mixed, you will be glad to know that it has nothing to do with any chemical that makes it very safe for the baby’s skin.

Cheap cloth diapers do save your money as they cost lower than the disposable diapers. When you are using cloth diapers, you don’t have to go to the supermarket every time to get diapers. Further; these diapers don’t add up to already polluted environment that eventually will ensure that your baby and all of the other babies will surely live in a better world than ours!


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