how to prepare home for a newborn

How to prepare home for a newborn baby

September 30, 2019


For every young or newly married couple, the biggest dream is having a baby in their lives. We all know that a baby in a couple’s life is the greatest happiness that can’t be bought anywhere in the world, but your home should be prepared for the newborn baby and you should be aware on how to prepare home for a newborn baby?

While you prepare your home for the newborn baby, you should also note that this preparation should not exceed your budget. So, let me take you to a guide that will help you in that wonderful experience.

Get a safety check of your home

Prepare home for baby

Every parent wants to ensure that they are keeping a constant eye on their child. However, I want to be realistic for a moment and accept that you can’t be around your child every single moment. So, you want to ensure that your home is safe when the babies will crawl and play around in the home. The biggest possibility of the safety hazard for the baby is that the baby can crawl to the kitchen, open a cabinet and get access to dangerous chemicals.

You may not realize, and your baby can become mobile enough to be in every corner of the house. It will be very easier to prepare your home for the baby before the baby arrives rather than preparing the home when the baby is mobile. Research shows that cleaning detergents and medications should be kept out of the reach of the babies as the design of the bottles is easier for them to drink the material inside.

Different interior designers, when asked about how to prepare home for newborn, have mentioned that magnetic locks on the cabinets and lockers are the safest while a baby is around. Further; in case your home has electric wires or switches sockets in the reach of the baby, they should be removed and protected at first.

Purchase Learning Toys


When babies reach the age where they are called ‘toddlers’, it is the age they should be taught the basic things in an entertaining method. For this basic learning procedure for the babies, there are many no-cost or low-cost toys in the market that you can purchase or even you already have them at home.

For example, you can use the bubble wrap for basic kids’ fun projects. Give them empty cardboard boxes of different sizes and watch the fun! Babies can create fun activity out of almost nothing! Many plastic animals in small sizes are available in the market that can engage them in learning activities for a longer period of time.

If your baby is a girl, she would have seen her mother cooking in the kitchen. Babies can learn and adapt very quickly. You can give them empty plastic food containers and those baby girls will pretend cooking by themselves. Adorable!

Build Your Own Montessori


Before your baby can grow to the age that you can send him/her to a Montessori school for a couple of hours, you can build a Montessori at home without putting pressure on your budget. We always confuse and miss-interpret the Montessori with a school thing. However; I have recently found out that Montessori is rather a style of living with your baby all the time.  It involves too much creativity and fun activities.

In school Montessori, there are toys, colorful arts, and natural things which attract the babies. The same environment can be built at your home. When you are thinking of how to prepare your home for a newborn baby, the first thing to do is use the resources available at home.

Engage the baby in a colorful art activity with yourself. Paint different cartoon characters that are popular on the TV and internet these days. When your baby has grown enough to hold color books, paints, and colors, contribute to their natural instinct of coloring with themselves.

A material which is still popular in the market even after so many technical advancements is building materials made up of plastic. Plastic blocks are the safest of the toys available in the market and they can help in developing the creative factor of your child.

You may have noted that babies are more attracted to nature than artificial things at first. So, rather than engaging them too much in cell phones, games, cartoons or such things, you need to build a natural environment at your home. If you don’t have the option of growing plants and flowers at your home due to the absence of soil, have different colors of flowerpots at your home. Engage your baby with natural colors of flowers and plants.

Smooth the Edges

Although it is a very basic and minor thing but the edges of the furniture in your home are the most dangerous for your baby. When babies begin to crawl and are mobile enough to go from one part of the house to another, there has been a report and I have personally experienced in my neighborhood that babies get injured or hurt by the edges of the furniture.

The edges of tables, chairs, glass material can cause serious damage to face, mouth or new teeth of the babies. So, you need to ensure that either you put that exposed edge furniture away from the reach of the baby or you can cover that with plastic or bubble guard to ensure the protection and safety of your baby.

Keep an eye on your baby


You and I both get in a dilemma when it comes to keeping eye on babies at all the time. We do want to keep an eye on the babies at all time but be realistic it’s not possible. On the other hand, we do want to keep it within the limits of our budget. So, to come up with a solution to this dilemma, you can get an intercom in a room where you can’t be at any time. These days there are different baby proof sound recording devices that can be purchased at very low cost from the internet. These devices can help you keep your baby in front of your eyes at every moment possible unless you are asleep!

Get a first-aid Kit

When it comes to babies, we’ll have to be realistic for a moment rather than totally leaving it to the man upstairs! Small injuries can happen, your baby can get hurt while playing, can get a sudden fever at midnight. So rather than having a panic attack, it is better to have a first aid kit handy to help your baby in that situation.

Get the Bedroom ready


A mistake that the new parents make after having a baby is that they don’t change their bedroom to make the baby comfortable and safe. I would like to add a point that the babies don’t enjoy bright lights. Parents sometimes confuse this with bright art colors. Those are two different factors.

The eyes of the babies aren’t mature enough to sustain the radiations and particles of bright lights. So, it is recommended that the parents should have dark curtains against the bright windows or sunny windows in their room, especially during the daytime. Babies need to have healthy sleep during the daytime. Bright light is a factor that disturbs their sleep.

A factor of the bedroom which relates to the safety of the babies is the height of the bed. This factor gets very seriously dangerous in the absence of a separate bed for the baby. When babies begin to crawl, they enjoy getting out the bed without looking right and left.

Sometimes, this ‘adventure’ gets them in trouble as they may fall off the bed resulting in an injury. So, to avoid this situation, you can get special edges installed on the bed or make yourself your own by keeping the pillows on the edges.

Bathroom Setup


In summer or warm countries, special temperature protection should be provided to the babies. A point in the answer to the million-dollar question of how to prepare home for a newborn is setting up your bathroom. I would recommend having a small bathtub in your home so the baby can feel and enjoy the water and its relatively cold temperature.

However; if you don’t have a bathtub, there isn’t any need to put pressure on your budget. You will have a traditional tub in your home. Use that tub to give a bath to your baby. There isn’t any need to rush the baby into bathing. You will have to let the baby enjoy itself. This not only creates a sense of relaxation in the baby but will also create a lot of memories for you.

Organize the cupboard

Mothers! You definitely know all about your baby. However; still you need to organize your baby’s cupboard in such a way that it can be easy for the baby’s father or other individuals of the house to change the baby’s clothing. You need to assign a separate part out of your cupboard for the baby.

Clothes, shoes, diapers, toys and other stuff should be kept in a separate portion of the cupboard according to their size so not only it will be easier for you to take care of your baby but also you won’t have to spend extra time in cleaning up the baby.


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