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How to tell if your baby is sick

September 24, 2019


A newborn baby can be a reason for the joys in your life but it can still be a stressful task to handle the child. One of the many reasons for the stress is getting to know if the baby is sick or not. People who just have their first babies are quite clueless in this regard however if it’s not the first baby you can still manage as there would be some experience but without it, there is no way on how to tell if your baby is sick.

Feelings of sickness are not easy to spot in babies as the symptoms are very subtle. And for those who have their first baby, it’s almost impossible to distinguish normal baby behavior from an abnormal one.

It is very important to check if the baby is healthy or not because their immune system is quite weak and they can get infected easily. Prolonged illness can be fatal for them so you need to look for signs immediately to take action.

Actions that Might be Abnormal

sick baby

Even though you don’t know how to tell if your baby is sick then what you need to do is look for any signs if the baby is acting abnormally in general. If you find of any of the signs below in the baby, you immediately need to call the doctor.

  • You can look for any signs of illness like diarrhea, coughing or vomiting. If the vomit is green, then you need to contact the doctor immediately.
  • You must be very alert while feeding the baby. If the baby is not taking the feed properly and you have to wake him up to feed, then there might be a problem.
  • Check if the body temperature is 100.4 F or 38 C. Anything greater than this can cause you to call the doctor. And also, if the temperature falls below 96.8 F or 36 C.
  • A very important factor in determining if the baby is sick is the crying. If it’s weak, frantic and doesn’t stop there might be a problem.
  • Weak sucking can also pose a threat. If the baby is not sucking properly you must talk to your doctor.
  • The baby might sleep more than normal that can be alarming.
  • Sweating while eating. Babies might sweat while eating which is not good for them. Keep a keen eye for that.
  • Dehydration and decreased urination. Summer babies may dehydrate as they urinate a lot so it is important to keep track of that.
  • Moaning and grunting while breathing.
  • Change in color of limbs. The limbs might take a pale blue-grey color.
  • Floppy limbs and decreased muscle mass .

These signs might just not be that easy to read so you have to pay close attention and be aware of the baby’s actions to pinpoint any problems at the right time.

Special Attention

In the beginning, new parents might not know how to tell if your baby is sick and not know where to look for baby cold remedies. For that, they need to pay attention closely and confirm if the symptoms match correctly. But for some diseases, symptoms may overlap so keep a lookout for few diseases. Diseases like these are common in newborn babies.

Respiratory Problems:  This might be just due to some blockage in the nasal passage of your child. You could just put some saline drops in its nose or use a pump to clear the mucus. But you also need to be careful if the baby is breathing faster than 60 breaths per minute or if it is turning blue along with grunting and flaring of the nose.

Cold: If the baby is born near the winter, there is a good chance that it will catch a cold due to the weak immune system. There is no easy way the new parents know how to tell if your baby is sick as the baby cries a lot and they don’t allow the thermometer to stick there for too long. The constant irritability, decreased appetite, and nose blocking are more observable symptoms that help you confirm if the baby has a cold.

In this regard, you need to consult the doctor for advice and clear the blockage using a pump. There are plenty of baby cold remedies that advise elevating the head to help him breathe properly. Other baby cold remedies include using more liquids, milk, and feed to help clear the flu. You can also use saline drops to clear the nasal passage. One of the very important baby cold remedies is to modify the air with a humidifier that will ease ay breathing problems.

Blue Baby: The baby might just naturally go a bit blue due to cold or excessive crying may lead to the lips and head-turning blue. But if other than this they show a blue color along with feeding and breathing difficulties then the situation is alarming. Contact the doctor immediately.

Abdominal Distension:  During the feeding, the baby’s stomach must feel soft and fleshy. If it rather feels hard and swollen, then there might be a problem. You must also check if the baby has passed stool in the past few days because it might just be constipation. But if the baby is vomiting too then there just might be a problem.

While taking care of your baby, it is very important to be aware and alert. Babies are quite fragile beings and their immune system is weak. If the diseases are not diagnosed at the right time, then it just might be fatal for them.

You must keep a keen eye on what and when they drink and pass stool. This plays a very integral part in their health and most of their health depends on these two. For new parents, it might be an arduous and stressful task at first but once they get used to it, it might become fun and easy.

What to do if your Baby has cold?

Sick Baby

At the point when your infant has a cold, it can regularly mean extended periods of holding a fastidious infant. Thinking about a baby with a virus or cold can be anyplace from a couple of days to possibly more than seven days of managing a runny nose, wheezing, hacking, and restless nights.

Each parent needs to have the option to accelerate the way toward showing signs of improvement and see their child back to the cheerful and lively self.

Below are the nuts and bolts for thinking about your child’s cold to make him/her feel better:

1. Doctor’s Phone Number

Keep your doctor’s or nurse’s telephone number save so you can without much of a stretch discover it when your child is sick. Having a debilitated child can be upsetting, so the exact opposite thing you need to do is invest energy looking for a telephone number.

2. Keep Baby Hydrated

If the baby is vomiting, has the runs or a fever, it will be critical to ensure your infant is drinking a lot of Breast milk, recipe or water. Baby Diarrhea can get dried out an infant, so make certain to watch out for what number of wet diapers your infant has when she is sick. And if your child appears to have a vexed stomach and is eating solids, you will need to keep her eating routine restricted to the BRAT diet (bananas, fruit purée rice, and toast).

3. Check Fever

Be certain to watch out for your baby temperature for indications of a fever. Keep a decent infant thermometer close by that helps make it basic and simple for checking your youngster’s temperature. Monitor prescription doses and how frequently you are giving your child medicine. It is essential to abstain from overdosing just as it might be something, you’ll have to know whether you have to converse with your primary care physician.

4. Your Love & Patience

Often a sick baby needs to cuddle up with mother and father. Most babies will need to be held more than when they are debilitated. Think about your baby care when she has a cold and love her more and more until she begins to feel much improved.

5. Managing Blockage

If the baby has a hack or runny nose, you can utilize a humidifier in her room around evening time to help quiet her hack and to rest better at evening. You may likewise need to suction her nose a few times each day or consult with your doctor about utilizing a decongestant.

Lastly, if your child was conceived rashly, parents ought to be particularly careful to think about the infant when he/she has an ailment and to know about any adjustments in infant’s conduct or side effects. So, make sure to track changes, for example, forlorn crying or trouble in breathing and don’t shy to call your primary care physician for exhortation on treating your baby’s side effects.


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