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Prams or Strollers – What to buy for your baby?

October 16, 2019


These days there are many new invented toys in the market for the babies and kids. People and customers usually get confused between two similar products. An example of similar products is strollers and prams. People are observed to get confused between the difference between these products. So, here in this study, I’d like to throw light on the difference between these two products.

A pram is a short form of the original name perambulator. A pram is designed in such a way that if the baby needs to sleep, the baby can get a comfortable sleep. Pram is a wheeled carrier for the baby. Prams are made up of comfortable and soft bottoms, and it allows the baby to sleep horizontally in the baby carrier.

On the other hand, a stroller is designed in such a way that it allows the baby to sit up straight. The stroller is known as buggy as well. A stroller is designed for those babies who have learned to sit. The stroller comes with safety belts and crotch straps.

Although the above-mentioned paragraphs provide a differentiative understanding between prams and strollers and I am sure that you would have understood this difference very clearly. However; I’d like to lay down the differences between the two materials in further detail here below for you.

You may have observed people using prams and strollers interchangeably as baby prams or baby strollers. However; we need to get the differences checked. The basic difference between the two lies in their weight.

Prams and designed in such way that they are little heavier in weight than strollers. Another difference between the two materials is that as mentioned Prams are designed to be used for the newborn babies while the strollers are designed to be used for the babies who have learned sitting.

Other difference between the two materials is given below in detail.


Prams are made up for infants and newborn babies, and in some part of the world, they are also known as a baby carriage. It is worth noticing that the prams don’t have any harness or safety arrangements.

Before purchasing a pram, you need to understand that in a pram, the baby needs to be lying all the time. So, if your baby is not comfortable lying down at all the time, a baby pram is not for your help!

Parents who have been using both prams and strollers for their kids have an understanding which is now I am presenting to you after a research and study work that prams can be more helpful and suitable if you are travelling for longer distances as compared to strollers.

With that being said, we should also note that prams are heavier in weight. So, carrying them around can be a little hassle for you if you don’t have a vehicle.


Strollers are designed in such a way that the baby can sit up straight in it. So, it is a point for you that should be noted that if your baby hasn’t learned to sit or isn’t comfortable sitting for a longer time, a stroller may not be your thing.

Strollers are designed in such a way that the baby can sit up straight in it. So, you should note that if your baby hasn’t learned to sit or isn’t comfortable sitting for a longer time, a stroller may not be your thing.

An informative point I would like to add here for you is that in some regions of the world, strollers are also known as Pushchair and Buggy. A stroller looks like a chair that is placed on wheels.

One of the biggest advantages of a stroller in comparison to pram is that they are one of the safest ways to carry around the baby. Unlike the prams, strollers are designed with the harness, safety belts, and crotch straps.

To be honest, these are very thoughtful additions, and they can help you in ensuring the safety of your child.

Parents mention that strollers can’t be used when it comes to travelling for a longer distance. However; for shorter distances, strollers have the edge on prams as they are lighter in weight.

But the lighter weight gives them an edge in carrying them around without a vehicle as well, and they can be carried as well because they have a very adjustable design.

Best Selling Prams and Strollers

Although there are different prams and strollers available in the market and on the internet that you can purchase. However; I would like to mention few of the best-selling prams and strollers that are available on Amazon and list them here with their prices and specifications so it can be very helpful for you to decide what is best for your child.

Best baby strollers

Let us take a moment to see the best strollers which are available and are most selling in numbers.

LuvLap is a company found on Amazon sellers list who have their strollers listed in the top sellers on Amazon.

Firstly, I would like to mention Galaxy Stroller by LuvLap which can be purchased for just Rs 4,899.00 or 68$ from Amazon. The company has added some modifications in the stroller and now added a hood on the stroller.

Along with that, they have added an apron in the design as well. The manufacturers have added break steps in the design and seat has been little elevated, and it has an aerodynamic frame as well. The company has listed that the baby stroller can be ideally used for newborn babies.

However; they have added a weight class upto 15 kgs. So, the baby till the mentioned weight class can use this baby stroller.

An interesting point that should be noted here is that the company has also added a wind resistant rain cover in the box and the parts of this baby stroller are easily replaceable.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, click on the image below:


You can find the best and cheap strollers by clicking on the image given below

Cheap Prams Strollers

Best baby prams

As we have mentioned earlier that a pram can be helpful only for the baby who hasn’t learned to sit as their design only allows them to lay down all the time.

Amazon has a top-rated baby pram designed and manufactured by a company called R for Rabbit. It is a high stand baby pram. The important point in the design of the pram is that not only it is a cheap pram, but also safe enough for your child.

The baby pram is made up of stainless Steel Frame and that’s why you won’t have to worry about the pram having rust in the future. The company has adjusted the seat’s arrangement, so it can now be adjusted in 3 different angles. All of the angles are suitable for babies of 0-3 years.

The company has made the baby prams in collapsible style making it easier to hold and carry around. As mentioned, it is comparatively a cheap pram and is available for Rs 5,199 or $72 .

You can find and purchase the baby pram by clicking on the image below:


You can find the best and cheap prams by clicking on the image given below

Cheap Prams Strollers

So far, we have understood the basic difference between baby pram and baby stroller and also, we have found out that it is very easy for us to find cheap prams and cheap stroller on the internet.

I would like to take this moment and would like to add some conclusive statement for our detailed study mentioned above so you can take a better decision for your baby in future in the shadow of this article.


Whether it is a pram, or it is a stroller, both are a way of carrying and traveling with your baby without any hassle or problem. Sometimes you can find it very difficult and hard to make a conclusive judgment and are unable to select one from a pram or a stroller. 

I understand the confusion here as every parent is looking to make the best decision as per their budget for their baby. Not only they are looking for the best pram or best stroller, but they are also looking for a cheap pram or a cheap stroller. In the above study, I have tried to lay out some basic differences between both materials in such a way that it can be easier to understand.

I would like to mention here that whichever product you will choose, it will depend on your living arrangements, traveling style, age of your baby and most important the nature and habits of your baby. You will need to consider nature and habit of your baby because if your baby is newborn, you’ll obviously have to select a pram in which the baby can lay down all the time to be comfortable and if the baby has learned to sit, you will go with a stroller.

However; even some babies even after they have learned sitting love to lay down. It is just in their nature and habit. So, you need to understand this nature of your baby and then make the best possible decision for your baby.


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