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Why having a baby rocker is the best choice for parents

October 15, 2019


Baby swing, baby rocker and baby jumper seats mirror the shaking movement of a baby lying on the supporting arms or stomach of the mother. Odds are that you will, at last look for a baby rocker, baby jumper or baby swing for your newborn baby, regardless of your room area when you are pregnant.

These equipment should make your child calm and quite. You will have some free time available to do some significant household tasks or get some rest, whether you are preparing lunch or dinner, answering calls, answering messages, changing clothes or doing any other important task. It is the shaking motion of the seat that will calm the baby and even make them sleep.

An increasing number of baby swings, baby rockers, and baby jumpers are being made every year because of high demand. They have ended up getting tremendous popularity among moms these days. Nonetheless, it isn’t too costlier to purchase all these equipments, however, you have to know which of them will suit your child best, or whether there is one that your own baby will at last incline toward over the other. This is the reason that you have to take a look at all baby swing, baby rocker, and a baby jumper so that you can easily figure out which is the best for your baby.

But in this post, I am favouring the baby rockers and I am saying this from my experience that its worth it. Before I jump into “why baby rocker is preferable” let us learn what the other two are.

What are Baby Jumpers?

Baby Jumper

Baby jumpers are flexible, sensibly reasonable seats for a newborn baby planned especially for playtime. It is valuable as a tied down spot to lay your baby in early days as you do some other significant things in the house.

The newborn child regularly remains put on this seat for a significant lot since they enjoy the intriguing springy movements. A portion of these babies discovers them engaging enough to go insane by kicking their legs in eagerness. Some of the top baby jumpers have vibrations and toys as their additional features. The attractive toys on the top bar of the baby jumper will enable your kid to play.

These baby jumpers can reinforce the muscles of the leg, making it the ideal for building up your tots. This will thus prepare your little one for the creeping and strolling stages over the span of giving them practice in the early months. They are motion-powered and move when they are pushed softly. If you want to move your newborn baby, you need to pull the baby jumper seat forward softly. This forward and backward movement may proceed for a brief timeframe; however, you should remain close to your tot to keep things moving.

What are Baby Swings?

Baby Swings

Baby swings are naturally controlled seats that offer comfort to a newborn baby by mirroring the cadenced motion experienced while in the belly. Baby Swings are an extraordinary spot where you can lay your baby down to enable you to do certain stuff. In any case, it is very hard to understand what your newborn will hate or like, considering many baby seat models that can swing, shake, vibrate or go all around.

A good baby swing will give you the decisions of shaking your baby here and there, advances and in reverse and from side to side. Also, they act as the lifesaver for the parents who have cranky or colicky children.

Well, there are two common types of baby swings. Both are described below:

  • Portable Baby Swings

This sort of baby swing is utilized where there is restricted space. They don’t consume an excessive amount of room and cost less. While the fact is most of the portable baby swings just give battery control. This implies they will without a doubt cost more over the long haul since you will pay extremely for changing the battery often.

  • Full-Sized Baby Swings

This sort of baby swing needs a considerable lot of room since they are not in every case simple to move. You consider purchasing a full-sized baby swing just in the event that you have a specific room at the top of the priority list to put the swing with the aim to move it.

Consequently, first, ensure before you get it that you have a room in your home where you will keep your full-sized baby swing. In actuality, this sort of baby swing has the best swinging movement as the swings are taller and the engines are situated at the highest point of the swing. They are durable and difficult to spill. While full-sized baby swings are costlier than the portable swings.

What are Baby Rockers?

baby rocker

A rocker has an inclined base with the goal that you can shake your child delicately while they lie in the seat. The shaking movement can alleviate a few newborn babies, and most rockers allow you to simply give it a prod with your toe to set it moving.

It is appropriate from birth until around a half year, a rocker can offer your arms a reprieve without you lying your child down in a cot or Moses basket. A rocker might most likely be leaned back at various angles also, so your child can have a decent look around or watch out for you while you continue ahead with some work.

Some are basic and direct seats, while others have toys and stimulation bars on them to help keep your child involved. You can get all the more high-tech choices that play music or that you can connect your MP3 player to it.

How to select the best baby rocker?

We know that after this comparison you must have got the idea that baby rocker is the best option that you have. However, we all know that there is a huge variety available that makes selection of the best one difficult. That is why to help you with the selection process here we have a few things you must consider during the selection of baby rocker.

  • Size

The first and most important thing you need to consider is the size of baby rocker. It should have enough area in which your baby can easily lie down. If the size of rocker is smaller than the height of your baby it will create problems for you. That is why you must check the dimensions of the baby rocker to assure that you have selected the right product according to requirements of your baby.

  • Safety

A common mistake parents make is they do not pay attention to stability and safety feature of the baby rocker. That is why their babies often get hurt when they are placed in the rocker. You should check all the safety features of the product before buying it. Make sure it has a safety belt, so you can securely adjust your baby in the rocker. As well as the balance of the rocker should be maintained, so while you are swinging your baby the speed of rocker will not go out of control.

  • Comfortability

Do not forget to consider the comfortability level of the baby rocker. It should have soft and comfortable sheet on which your baby will lie down. As well as the edges of the rockers should be properly secured and covered to assure that there are no sharp edges that might hurt your little one. Also pay attention to the material used for lining of the rocker. It should be breathable so that your baby will not feel uncomfortable due to sweat or any other problems.

  • Cleaning

Parents often do not pay attention to the cleaning feature of the baby rocker that they are planning to buy. This is the reason when they rocker gets dirty because of any spillage or other issues parents do not know that how they are going to clean it. Make sure that you buy a baby rocker that has removable lining. So that if anything gets dirty or wet you can easily remove the lining for cleaning. Prefer buying a baby rocker that has machine friendly lining, so you can easily wash it in your washing machine.

  • Versatility

Make sure that you check the different features that are available in the baby rocker you are planning to buy. It should have all-in one feature, so you can carry it easily with you as well as feed your baby in rocker while you are working.


Well, above I have provided some important and basic information about baby swings, baby jumper, and baby rockers. All of these baby seats offer different advantages and disadvantages to both babies and parents, such as baby swings are perfect to put the baby sleep very much effectively and calms the baby down fast, but it is much costlier and occupies more space as compared to baby jumpers.

Hence, the baby rocker proves to be the best option for both parents and their newborn child. It offers much more benefits and fewer disadvantages as compared to baby swings and baby jumpers.


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